ANEA currently has 2 major projects that need your help. Please visit Our Projects page to have a clearer understanding of our work. We welcome students and adults to participate in our program and volunteer as teachers or staffs. 

2. Interview

After you fill out the forms, we have some questions to ask you regarding your application. We will email you to schedule an interview time, once your form is complete.

3. Wait Patiently...

It will take our current members a few weeks to process your application. Please wait patiently until you receive an email indicating if you are accepted or not. The next step is to join us and start teaching!

Here are some of the requirements:


- Volunteers must be 12+ to join ANEA


- Volunteers living in non-English-speaking areas must receive at least 2 years of international English education, prior to volunteering, in order to apply as an English teacher

- Volunteers living in English-speaking areas should have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in common core English in order to apply as an English teacher

- All volunteers must have a high school degree or still be in high school


Dates and Fees

In 2019, the times for Alkaid Gansu is listed on the Calendar and Below:


February 28th: Application Due 

May 1st: All Changes Complete

July 13: Members Leave Beijing to Head Gansu

July 15: First day of Teaching

August 2: Last day of Teaching+Half Day

August 3: Members Leave Gansu to Go Back to Beijing



In the past year, we collect fees after the program so we don't over collect. This year, we are collecting 8000RMB(1200dollars) before the trip. If this is hard to afford, please contact Lynn personally through Contact Us to discuss.