Are you an English-speaking student who desires to become a teacher? A parent that want to enrich the extra-curriculum activity of your kids? Or are you just a kind soul who enjoys community service? Well, you have clicked into the right place! Hello and welcome to our IHeartEducation Blog page! IHeartEducation is a student-found, non-profit organization that aims to bring quality English education to everyone around the world, especially kids. We value improvements in the kids as well as in the teachers. If you are a person who wants are excited about this idea, you should look into our About page to learn more about us. Today is June 2nd, only a little more than a month away for our Summer 2017 Program to start!

This would be the fourth year of our summer project, and I believe it is going to be more exciting than ever. The teachers have been preparing their class all spring for this moment and I am sure the students are as excited as we are. This summer, we are going to PanJiZhai, a village in Gansu, China to teach English to Grade 3~8. We have over 18 teachers going and over 180 students. If you want to learn about our projects in more detail, go ahead and check out Our Projects page.

We would be posting more pictures of us during the summer, and we will also be updating you on more information about our projects. You are most welcomed to join us via our I Want To Help. If you have any question or concern, please check out our Contact Us page.

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