Alkaid Veterans Head Off To 天水一中

We’re very excited to announce that TWO of our students have been admitted to 天水一中, the most prestigious high school in Gansu! Congratulations to them and we’re excited to see what they accomplish in the future! They are the second and third student from our program to be admitted to 天水一中, so Alkaid also wants to thank the volunteer teachers who spend so much time with these students to help shape them into a more worldly mindset. A few students wanted to share: "I think for Alkaid, one part of it is that I learned things, but another part is that you ave shown us a larger world (that is beyond learning about things)" "You have helped me a lot. I didn't have the courage to apply for 一中 before, but after two years of Alkaid, with your help, I saw more outstanding people, and I want to be outstanding too so that's why I tried harder, which is the reason I got into 一中. Thank you and all the other teachers so much for coming each year." "In the five years (at Alkaid), I didn't only learn English, but I think what is most important is that I developed interest for English."

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