International Youth Day

In honor of #internationalyouthday Alkaid wants to shed light on the UNESCO’s 2017-18 Global Education Monitoring Report, that states: the number of boys and girls who are denied access to education is up 1 million from 2016 — to 264 million. Only 83 percent of the children who go to school at all complete elementary school, and just 45 percent of students aged 15 to 17 will finish secondary school. Education is essential for bettering our future. As educators, we’re teaching the new generation of workers, politicians, artists, journalists, doctors, so it’s our duty to prepare them for the ever-changing world. Having access to education also creates more opportunity for youth and lifts up economies. Education makes getting a job easier, making money easier, access to medical aid easier, putting food on the table easier and the more likely it is for your family to elevate in society. It can pull more and more people out of poverty. And from there the possibilities are endless.

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